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Announcing our New 2018 Minister for Jigsaws

As you may know Wentworth Wooden Puzzles has been seeking a new Minister for Jigsaws for 2018, with a worldwide search via social media. This will be the third year Wentworth Wooden Puzzles has appointed a Minister for Jigsaws and we were staggered by the huge response this year, and we’re sure that has been spurred on by the growth in popularity of jigsaw puzzles worldwide. Plus this year we were also encouraged to see so much interest in the position from overseas puzzle enthusiasts too.
So without further ado …… 

The UK Minister for Jigsaws 2018 is Francesca Collis. 

And to reflect the amount of interest from around the world we’ve created a new position of Overseas Minister for Jigsaws 2018 and this has gone to Sabrina Jeffries from the USA.

Here at Wentworth Wooden Puzzles we produce over 250,000 puzzles every year which get sent all over the globe to puzzle lovers. The coveted role of Minister for Jigsaws is seen as a prestigious position by many and is given to those who have the same passion for puzzling and love to promote and share that enthusiasm with others as us. Prospective applicants were asked why they thought they should be the new Minister for Jigsaws and what they would do to help promote the benefits of this most rewarding and satisfying of hobbies to more people around the world.

“Watching everyone we know and everyone they know becoming as passionate about jigsaws as we are, has been one of the enduring pleasures of our recent lives. Stated Francesca.
Sabrina, over in the USA, is always on the look out for more jigsaw puzzles to add to her growing collection. “I grew up doing them for fun—for me, vacation with the family meant time to read and do lots of jigsaw puzzles, I always find them calming”
Sarah Watson, Marketing Director here at Wentworth Puzzles, said: “Francesca and Sabrina both have a huge passion for jigsaws, spreading that enthusiasm throughout people of all ages and types, many of whom have only re-discovered their own love of jigsaw puzzles due to Francesca’s and Sabrina’s inspiration.

Both Minister for Jigsaws will also be able to test new jigsaw puzzle collections for Wentworth, helping them not only promote the benefits and enjoyment of jigsaws, but also help improve their product ranges.

Francesca is already planning how she will help promote the love of all things jigsaws by holding Jigsaw and Games Fairs. She also heavily encourages everyone she knows to take the Wentworth Challenge. This is a timed competition to complete a micro 40 piece Wentworth puzzle and she keeps a record of the all the times and has a leader board – yes a bit like Top Gear. Francesca is very active on Twitter @cescaclem So follow her and you’ll find out where her puzzle fairs will be. And if you don’t already follow us on Social Media (Facebook - wentworthpuzzle, Instagram - wentworthpuzzles and Twitter - @wentworthpuzzle) where we will update you on all Minister for Jigsaw events plus it’s a great place to find out about all our new

Our huge thanks also goes to Sue Riches, the Wentworth Minister for Jigsaws 2017, who worked tirelessly developing her puzzle club in Banbury. Plus she also worked with us to help develop our own Puzzle Club, called Piece Together, to aid individuals around the world set up their own Puzzle Clubs. Puzzling together or using the club as a puzzle lending library helps promote the benefits of puzzling, especially to those older members of the community who benefit from increased mental activity and personal interaction. Sue will continue to help us with our Piece Together initiative over the coming months and years.

Announcing our New 2018 Minister for Jigsaws