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Keeping a healthy mind: puzzle gifts for grandparents

At Wentworth we are big advocates of the power of puzzles to improve your mental wellbeing. As part of our campaign promoting jigsaws brain benefits we’ve recently donated five wooden Wentworth jigsaws to Piece Together, a puzzle club run by our Minister for Jigsaws, Sue Riches. Following on from this, we’ve also been working with some fantastic bloggers who’ve in turn been putting puzzles together with elderly relatives.

We asked each of our bloggers to pick a puzzle to try with an older family member, then write about their experience and we got some brilliant stories.

Beth, who writes the Life as a Mum blog, got a couple of different generations involved making the Noah’s Ark jigsaw. They all loved the puzzle and really appreciated the unique Wentworth whimsy pieces, with Beth saying: “The best thing I love about Wentworth puzzles are the unique shape jigsaws. Each jigsaw puzzle has different shapes of animals or objects related to the puzzle.” Both Beth’s daughter and aunt-in-law really got into the activity, relishing the time spent together, Beth explained in her blog:

“It was lovely watching them both doing the puzzle together. The bond between them is so strong and special.”

Grandmoher and granddaughter completing a jigsaw puzzle

Lucinda, who authors Bakes, Books and my Boys, got a group of people involved in her Salcombe Puzzle, including her grandmother and some of her younger relatives. She explained: “My grandma spent many happy hours in the summer holidays playing with the puzzle and even dragging her great-grandchildren into it.” Lucinda is a big advocate of the benefits jigsaws can have:

“There is truly something about an unfinished puzzle, it cannot be left nor can it be walked past without an attempt! It is such a great way to bring family together and to get the brain kicking into gear!”

Salcombe jigsaw puzzle gift for grandparents

Our third blogger, Eric had a fantastic reason to choose her Sky Roads puzzle as her ancestor was James Tytler, the first British person to fly a hot air balloon! Jigsaws have always popular in Lucinda’s family, with her mother and grandmother both appreciating a jigsaw and this hobby was passed down to Lucinda and now her own son. Lucinda wrote in her blog post: “My grandmother was a jigsaw fiend for many years and I think she found it kept her mind active. She would always have an enormous jigsaw on the go at her house up until only a few years ago.”

When visiting, Lucinda found the puzzle was an activity the entire family could enjoy when they got together: “While we were there we would all have a go at putting in some pieces and it’s not been unheard of for 4 generations of the family to be gathered round a table slotting pieces into place. Even now we often take along a jigsaw to do at her home.”

These premium wooden puzzles make the perfect gift for a parent or grandparent as completing a jigsaw has been proven by studies to result in a longer life expectancy, a better quality of life and reduce chances of developing certain types of mental illness, including memory loss, dementia and even Alzheimer’s Disease. As our bloggers have shown, wooden jigsaw puzzles are also a great activity for the whole family, getting kids off tablets and away from the TV and engaging them in something different that develops their skills.

You can buy the puzzles our bloggers used at:

Noah’s Ark


Sky Roads