Challenging Cut Designs for Jigsaw Puzzles

Our jigsaw puzzles are unique for many reasons. It’s not just that they’re made of sustainably resourced wood that makes them so wonderfully tactile to the touch. But also due to the intricate and challenging pieces in our cut designs. There are few standard jigsaw piece shapes in our puzzles. But instead dissected corners, straight edges in the middle of the puzzle and irregular pieces.

Each one of our thousands of detailed cut designs is individually drawn by hand by our team of expert designers. Every single piece, whether is a whimsy piece or not, is carefully and cleverly thought out. All of our cut designs are completely individual, no two cut codes or even two pieces are the same. It’s the combination of our difficult cuts and stunning images that make our jigsaw puzzles so dynamic and rewarding.

We also have specially shaped jigsaw puzzles that feature cut patterns that follow the shape and contour of the illustration. For example, our jigsaw puzzle Aquatic Fanatic is the shape of a fish.

If you like to be challenged by a really hard jigsaw puzzle, you'll love our extra-difficult jigsaw puzzles. With repeated shapes and irregular edges, they’re not for the faint-hearted. The puzzles in our extra difficult range are the only ones that do not have our renowned whimsy pieces. Instead, the pieces are repetitive shapes and interlocking patterns. Our extra difficult puzzles are perfect for experienced puzzlers or those who love a real challenge. Plus, you can choose from a range of piece counts.