Gifts for Everyone

A Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle makes a wonderful gift for friends and family, young and not so young! They make perfect gifts for grandmothers and grandfathers for birthdays, anniversaries and especially at Christmas.

If you know your grandparents love a good jigsaw puzzle then a gift of a Wentworth wooden puzzle is one they will treasure forever. Your grandmother may have already tried one of our wooden puzzles, but if not you will be sure she’ll love them. They are made with high quality responsibly sourced wooden pieces and have so many wonderful images to choose from and immerse yourself in. The themed whimsy pieces are shaped to fit the theme of the jigsaw itself. So if it’s an image of a picturesque country garden then the whimsy pieces will be themed around the garden. Such as pieces in the shape of wheelbarrows, garden forks, birds etc. Once they complete a Wentworth wooden puzzles they will feel a huge sense of satisfaction and know that they were truly challenged.

We’ve got some fabulous illustrations and photographs which contain intriguing detail within the images so that as the image is built up piece by piece your finished image comes to life before your eyes.

We also have an endearing collection of puzzles perfect for the younger members of the family, so grandsons and granddaughters can also enjoy our puzzles. They’re great for completing together and a wonderful way in this modern era to get the whole family together to sit down and enjoy each other’s company while completing a jigsaw. They’re perfect for relaxing and a distraction away from screens large and small. In this digital era building something so beautiful yourself and watching it come to life with your own hands is immensely rewarding. The challenge of placing each piece and the wonderfully themed whimsy shaped pieces never gets old.