Hard Jigsaw Puzzles

For some, completing a jigsaw is about relaxing and doing something fun. But for others, doing a jigsaw puzzle is all about the challenge. Our hard jigsaw puzzles will make even the most ardent puzzler scratch their head! Not only do our difficult jigsaws feature challenging cut designs, they also have complex imagery. Our artist Colin Thompson is an enduring favourite when it comes to hard puzzles. His distinguishable style - the mixing of real and surreal, organised and organic, with a detailed design - makes the most amazing and intricate jigsaws.

If you like to be challenged by a really hard jigsaw puzzle, you'll love our extra-difficult jigsaw puzzles. With tricky images and irregular edges, these jigsaws are perfect for experienced puzzlers or those who love a real challenge. The puzzles in our extra difficult range are the only ones that do not have our renowned whimsy pieces. Instead, the pieces are repetitive, tesselated shapes and interlocking patterns.

Because of their calming qualities, completing a hard or challenging jigsaw puzzle can have serious effects on your mood. We all know the satisfaction of finally placing that last piece in its place. Doing hard jigsaw puzzles is a fantastic way of practising mindfulness.