How to create a personalised jigsaw puzzle

It’s an extra special present for the person who has everything. Our custom jigsaws make great gifts and are easy to create, meaning you can get your unique jigsaw puzzle ordered in a matter of minutes. To make the process even easier, here is our step by step guide to making sure you get the best possible puzzle for a perfect surprise.

Step 1. Select your jigsaw

First, take a look at the personalised jigsaw section on our website. We have lots of different puzzles available with exciting whimsy shapes, and you can even choose jigsaws that include hidden messages as letter shaped whimsies. Our new collection now includes different themed whimsy options to match your photo, and even an option to ‘let Wentworth choose’ where we will choose the best whimsies and cut to suit to your photo. Select your choice, and click on the jigsaw to start uploading your image.

Step 2. Select your image

To make sure your jigsaw looks its absolute best, you need to upload a high quality image. Low quality images will leave your jigsaw blurry and will not upload to our site. Make sure you follow the top tips below to guarantee a great looking jigsaw. Top tips for a top image

  • Ensure your image is a jpeg file. That means that the file name has .jpg at the end on your computer (most images from cameras and smartphones will be jpegs).

  • Your image should be between 1MB and 5MB. Hover your cursor over the image to check its size, or on a Mac you can right click (or hold ctrl and click) then select ‘Get Info’ to bring up a box of details including the image size (both of these methods will also tell you whether it’s a jpeg)

  • If you are scanning your image, make sure the resolution is no less than 300dpi — this should be an option within your scanner settings.

  • Don't scan your image from a photograph that is smaller than 5" x 7".

  • Don’t use a screenshot as your image as it won’t be high quality.

It is harder to check some of these elements if you are using a phone or a tablet, but most will take photos at a good resolution in jpeg format, and the next step will tell you if there are any issues.

Step 3. Check your image quality

When you have uploaded your image, we will let you know whether it is good enough quality to be made into a custom jigsaw. If you can see that the image is ‘low quality’ or ‘not suitable’, you need to find another photo which fits the requirements outlined in our top tips above. 

Step 4. Choose your special features

Once your image is uploaded, you can choose how many pieces you would like in your jigsaw. Make sure to check the box if you have chosen a portrait image. You can also tick the ‘Clueless’ option at this stage. Clueless means that the puzzle image will not appear on the front of the box — keeping your puzzle a surprise until it’s completed!

There is also the option to add notes at this stage about cropping. Your image may need cropping during production, so please specify here which side you would prefer to be cropped. For our personalised wedding jigsaw puzzles and personal jigsaws for pet owners you can use this box to add initials and year or the pet’s name.

Step 5. Buy!

If you are happy with your image and you have selected all the features you would like from your puzzle, you can go ahead and add it to your basket. To do this, select a quantity from the dropdown and then click "Add to My Basket".

Your puzzle is now ready to purchase — simple!