Irregular Pieces

For a Rewarding Challenge

We’ve made the brain-teasing thrill of jigsaws even more exciting and irresistible with our range of truly unique wooden puzzles. Each one of our cut designs is individually drawn by hand. Many of them don’t have the same piece twice; they often don’t contain corner pieces and they also include straight-edged pieces in the middle of the puzzle.

Our specially shaped jigsaw puzzles feature cut patterns that follow the shape and contour of the illustration. For example, our jigsaw puzzle Papillon is the shape of a butterfly. The irregular pieces and unusual edges of these jigsaws create a more dynamic and challenging puzzling experience.

And if you really want to ramp up the jigsaw ante, we have a range of extra difficult puzzles that combine repetitive images and tricky cut patterns. The puzzles in our extra difficult range are the only ones that do not have our renowned whimsy pieces. Instead, the pieces are repetitive shapes and interlocking patterns. Our extra difficult puzzles are perfect for experienced puzzlers or those who love a real challenge.

In other words, Wentworth raises the game to a whole new puzzling level.