An Historical Link to Victorian Puzzle Making 

Here at Wentworth Wooden Puzzles our expert jigsaw designers incorporate whimsy pieces into most of our products. ‘Whimsies’, which are essentially a puzzle piece crafted into a recognisable shape such as a flower or bird, are an historical link to the Victorian puzzle-making past. As the name suggests, the original Victorian puzzle cutters added the individual pieces on a whim and so the term ‘whimsy’ was born. Quirky and delightful, they’re a twist to the usual jigsaw and add another challenging dimension to our wooden puzzles. We also have larger whimsy pieces that are featured in our Children’s jigsaw puzzles. They make great educational aids for teaching children motor skills and problem-solving while also making the jigsaw puzzle fun and entertaining.

Our designers try their best to match the most appropriate whimsy pieces to the subject of the puzzle illustration or photograph. For example, if the image is of a garden then we would use gardening themed whimsies such as a watering can, flowers or a trowel. We have thousands of cut patterns for our wooden puzzles and we are creating more every day in order keep up with our ever-expanding range of jigsaws.