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Triskelion Jigsaw Puzzle

Item Code: 632503

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250mm diameter
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By Bradley W. Schenck

© Bradley W. Schenck

It only has 153 piece but with irregular edges and tessellated pieces it may still tie you in knots! A fun challenge for expert jigsaw fans. The perfect present for somebody who finishes their puzzles too quickly! Why you'll love this puzzle: It's a super tricky, Celtic knot work inspired piece It makes a great gift for expert puzzlers or anybody who likes a challenge This high quality, traditional, wooden jigsaw puzzle can be done time and again and make it a treat to complete. PLEASE NOTE: THE WC2 IS THE EXTRA DIFFICULT SIZE. THE EXTRA DIFFICULT PUZZLE HAS REPETITIVE PIECES AND DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY OF OUR TRADEMARK WHIMSY PIECES.

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